Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste

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Discover the Black Diamond of Peranakan Cooking

Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste brings the rich, authentic flavors of Nyonya heritage straight to your kitchen with Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste. Crafted with care and tradition, our ready-to-cook paste captures the essence of intricate Nyonya culinary artistry. 

Why Choose Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste?

Authentic Ingredients

  • Each pack contains meticulously prepared buah keluak, soaked for three days before the flesh and seeds are hand-scraped.

  • The paste is then pounded with a mortar and pestle along with other herbs and spices, preserving the most authentic Nyonya flavors.

Nyonya Cuisine, Simplified

  • Skip the lengthy preparation. Simply open the pack and cook it with your choice of protein.

  • Experience a harmonious blend of earthy, bitter, spicy, sour, and sweet flavors—a true reflection of the rich history of Peranakan cuisine.

Transform your meals with the unparalleled taste of Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste. Elevate your cooking and savor the authentic flavors of Nyonya heritage with ease.


This product contains shellfish, fish, soy products and tree nuts.

Certified Halal by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia

Customer Reviews

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Not bad for a shortcut

So far this paste is the closest taste to original as you can get via shortcut although nothing beats the texture and having fresh buah keluak nut in the curry. Quite pricy and the paste is really just right for 400g of chicken nothing more or less. My family usually makes it with 3 layered pork which works out well too.

Alice Wee
Buah keluak paste

Nice but not tangy enough. I would add some tamarind water in future. Also, instructions on box did not include some water. It’s too dry without a bit of water.