Buah Keluak Fried Rice

Buah Keluak Fried Rice

Unlock the secret to an extraordinary culinary experience with Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste. This rare gem adds a distinctive twist to your favorite fried rice recipes. In select Peranakan households, it’s lovingly prepared to ensure that no drop of the painstakingly crafted buah keluak sauce goes to waste. With every mouthful, you’ll savor the rich, earthy flavors of buah keluak, making this paste a must-have for adventurous food enthusiasts. Elevate your dishes and celebrate the heritage of this unique ingredient!



  • Leftover Buah Keluak Sauce or 1 pack of Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste 
  • 4 bowls of leftover rice
  • 150g of mince meat of your choice (beef/chicken)
  • 1 chopped carrot


  1. Prepare the Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Sauce:

    • Heat up a wok or skillet.
    • Add one pack of Nyonyalite Buah Keluak Paste and warm it through.

  2. Cook the Mince Meat:

    • Add 150g of minced meat (such as chicken, pork, or beef) to the wok with the heated paste.
    • Stir-fry the meat until it is fully cooked and the paste is evenly distributed. 

  3. Combine with Rice:

    • Add the rice to the wok followed by the carrots and stir well, ensuring that the sauce coats the rice evenly.